MediaTech Sprint@MediaTech Hub Conference 2021

9. November 2021

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Anlässlich der MediaTech Hub Conference (10. bis 11. November 2021 in Potsdam) findet bereits am 9. November der MediaTech Sprint statt. Für den  eintägigen Innovativ-Workshop wurden vier europäische Unternehmen aus der audiovisuellen Branche als „Challenge Owner“ ausgewählt.

KVIFF, Czech Republic: The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Czech Republic and the most prestigious film festival in Central and Eastern Europe. As one of the oldest, it is included in category A (together with festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Venice). As a platform for curated arthouse content, KVIFF is combining festival exhibition with cinema distribution as well as offering many activities for professionals in the audiovisual industry.

Videolevels, Estonia: Videolevels is a company that has grown out of Babahh Media - the biggest streaming company in Estonia. We are all about combining IT and video to build and manage a platform for events to stream, monetize and interact. So far our services have been used by the largest and coolest public and private companies in Estonia but now it’s time to go global.

Marionette, Denmark: Marionette offers an AI driven Motion Capture Software. The mission is to empower storytellers, 3D artists, and actors with a new, intuitive workflow. Record and edit performance capture in layers, whether you are working from the comfort of your home or in a studio. All you need to get going is off-the-shelf hardware and some video editing skills.

Nuance Records, France: Nuance offers Open Studio Sessions, a series of public recording sessions and videos through which an innovative and immersive musical experience is offered. The Nuance mobile recording set up allows to create professional recording environments in usual venues.

Sie treffen auf internationale „Co-Creator“ und suchen gemeinsam nach individuellen, innovativen Lösungsansätzen für ihre geschäftliche Herausforderung. Der MediaTech Sprint wird geleitet durch die Unternehmensberaterinnen Juliane Schulze und Ulrike Müller. Organisatoren sind der Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg, Cinemathon International in Zusammenarbeit mit den Creative Europe Desks in München, Dänemark, Estland, Frankreich, Kroatien, Italien, Schweden und Tschechien.

Termin: 9. November 2021
Ort: Potsdam-Babelsberg

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With their participation at the MediaTech Sprint, Co-Creators wave all claims related to their contribution, ideas and input expressed during the workshop and confirm that the Challenge Owners are free to use, mix, remix or disregard any aspect of the Co-Creator’s contribution, ideas and input and to use anything as they seem fit for the solution to their business challenge.