Talent meets Financing: Series Lab Hamburg 2017

The SERIES LAB HAMBURG is going into the second round:
After a successful launch in 2016 once again Hamburg is the meeting point for 20 European series producers and 20 international financiers. Moreover, an intensive workshop focusses on the special dramaturgy of high end tv series: The renowned script experts Nikolaj Scherfig ("The Bridge") and John Yorke ("Wolf Hall") will analyze selected projects, answer plot question, discuss character constellations and story depth. The producers were selected by Creative Europe Desks from 12 countries. They are meeting eight Hamburg baseed producers and their projects. The participating projects have the chance to win the NDR prize "Albatross".

SERIES LAB HAMBURG takes place October 3 to 6, 2017 and is a cooperation between Creative Europe Desk Hamburg, Letterbox Filmproduktion and the Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

NDR prize "Albatross" for best series project
This year awarded NDR prize "Albatross" will be given to an international series chosen from the group of pro¬jects participating in the SERIES LAB HAMBURG. As an incentive for the development of outstanding series, the award includes prize money of 7,500 euros. The jury is formed by German actress Maria Furtwängler (NDR "Tatort"), Screenwriter Nikolaj Scherfig ("The bridge ") and Christian Granderath, Head of TV Fiction Department NDR Hamburg.

The Lab is supported by German broadcaster NDR, by ZDF Enterprises, Sky Germany, GRAEF Rechtsanwälte, Creative Europe Desks Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom as well as MEDIA Desk Suisse and European Film Promotion.

SERIES LAB HAMBURG @ Filmfest Hamburg
Behind the Scenes: Development and Financing of European Drama Series
Presentation of European series projects

October 6th, 11.30 am till 1.30 pm, Abaton cinema, Allende-Platz 3.
The consumption of epically composed drama series is by now deeply established. Having started with American series, the new genre contributes to build European identity through European stories. Broadcasters, Sales Agents and film funds support series projects already in the development or production phase and the list of "content made in Europe" is getting longer and longer.
SERIES LAB HAMBURG presents two case studies of European co-produced drama series.
"Bad Banks" (DE/LU) is a production of LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION and IRIS PRODUCTIONS S.A. in co-production with ZDF in cooperation with Arte, director: Christian Schwochow/Head writer: Oliver Kienle, presented by Letterbox Filmproduktion and Film Fund Luxemburg.
"Maltese" (IT/DE), by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, presented by Sebastian Krekeler (ZDF Enterprises), Palomar Filmproduction und Philipp Kreuzer (Maze Pictures). Production: Palomar Filmproduction (IT) in co-production with Maze Pictures (DE), ZDF Enterprises and Rai Fiction
Keynote: Ralph Graef (GRAEF Rechtsanwälte)
Moderation: Matteo Solaro (Creative Europe MEDIA)
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